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TelTalk Framework

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TelTalk Framework

Post by on 2013-02-22, 3:10 am

Can someone please start working on a framework to make teltalk a real reg community org, with a 10 panel ambassador "round table" of representitives so that as teltalk grows and as telnic reaches its icann review in 5 years? you will be prepared to file objections and requests for improvements? I'm not intrested myself but I believe the two main devs and teltalk(alex) plus anyone else who wishes to represent a group/type like small business/marketing/domain registrars/developers/+ any dominant groups should start now, as it would put us in the best position if it was organized now who is going to step forward in prep for a bigger push to get what we need.

I'm not going anywhere soon and need a rep who will fight on my and others behalfs, and you should not be afraid to take donations to split between all 10 people so there time is compensated, I believe it's important to build a strong community who is willing to back the 10 reps in all pushes for features and requests to be placed in a legal position so that telnic or the new company who takes over after telnic can't refuse their own customers.

And someone whos an internet lawyer should take one of the 10 positions so we have representive experts, this is another reason I don't see a point in people hiding on a forum/site that should be about networking and standing up and saying this is what I do and I throw my hat in the ring with this expererance.

You don't need to have a PHD or what ever piece of paper to be a rep you just need to stand up and show us what experence you have so we can support you to support ourselfs/needs

Tel is and should be a big deal and I wish to treat it as such, telnic cant do everything I appreshate that pov but neither do they have all the skills to do what we could if not for them but against them

Either way I'd love to be a member here more if teltalk can move forward asap to organize itself , register with gov agencys and choose who will lead us so we get what we need

Its ok to disagree on topics but we do need reps to decide what is right for a set industry by taking feedback from all members and their own bracket industry to come to a collective conclusion on what to fight for, so it's not just cross opnion without a focused direction to prod telnic/icann.

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