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Fundamental discussion about .tel

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Senior Member

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Re: Fundamental discussion about .tel

Post by Moonlight on 2013-03-26, 5:22 pm

I think we are reading too much into the situation.
For me it seems the product is not fully developed yet what causes low sales.
In a few years we will laugh at our own worries, because everything will be fine.

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Re: Fundamental discussion about .tel

Post by Warrens on 2013-03-26, 7:11 pm

Want to share an idea .....

Do you think that .TEL ( some call it PRO.TEL but I dislike that term, it seems as if its appellation is a precursor to raising its price ...sorry I digress) ..

do you think that TEL would be useful for MLM organizations? I can create profiles for all my downlines, my uplines, make sure all my downlines have TELs of their own to create their own org.chart/communications center ... etc etc..

I think it is a tremendous idea... lets put our minds to it .... maybe Telnic can make a case to those organizations.....

please note: I am NOT suggesting that we sell TEL through MLM.

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