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The future potential of .tel


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The future potential of .tel

Post by Sunrise on 2013-04-13, 7:46 am

Before this forum will be potentially closed next week, I want to give a small outlook what is possible during the next years.
Telnic hasn’t found a useful purpose for .tel yet and has stopped developing .tel seriously.
Instead Telnic is more interested in finding a bigger company whom Telnic can sell the whole company to than developing .tel with own effort.
Meanwhile Telnic is only playing around a little bit with Telnames instead of providing customers what they really need.
Telnic doesn’t have a concrete business plan nor the motivation to bring .tel to success.
The whole future expectations can’t rely on Telnic, because this business model is not focused on innovation.

But there is another side:
Telnic is in possession of the first and so far only technology to manage the DNS effectively.
If any future development outside Telnic will ever go into the direction of using the DNS for data management, .tel would find its usage and could become a worldwide accepted solution like Facebook or Google are today.
The good thing about Telnic is that Telnic is searching for an acquisition of a little bit more than $35,000,000. This is very small money for companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft or Yahoo.
So the main question is not about the current backwardness of Telnic and the developed product.
The only question is if the DNS will be important beyond the current usage and if so when!

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