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The illusion of "critical mass"

Tim Spears
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The illusion of "critical mass"

Post by Tim Spears on 2013-05-14, 11:15 am

What was the reason for people to register a .tel domain? The beautiful design or the advanced features in comparison to other domains?
No, of course not! The ONE and ONLY reason was the promise for implementation of .tel in communication services! Telnic announced this would happen after "critical mass" will be reached.

Probably "critical mass" represents a few million registrations. Clearly Telnic isn’t only far away from "critical mass"; Telnic is even increasing the distance to "critical mass" every day with inactivity.
More and more people are realizing that nothing can come out of cessation (see the daily registration numbers), because they are losing the ONE reason to keep their .tel domain (see the first paragraph). If Telnic would take the business serious, Telnic would start changing the antiquated and very basic design (not only for Telnames).

Nobody needs a website to display a phone number only! Please give your customers a little bit more!

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Re: The illusion of "critical mass"

Post by mikeseaton on 2013-05-14, 5:45 pm

Tim, you are right about the importance of "critical mass" to the success of the .tel project - i.e. Phase 2 - and how with falling total registrations every day .tel seems to move further away from this, not closer !

IMO there are 3 scenarios that could pull .tel back from the brink of obscurity:

mikeseaton wrote:1. Telnic/Telnames is bought out by a major player (eg. Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo etc) between now and 2016.

2. Telnic/Telnames run out of the last of the $35,000,000 shareholder funding in 2016 (my estimate based on ongoing annual losses) and its intellectual property assets are taken over by a major player (see above).

3. Telnic/Telnames emulate success stories like Facebook, Twitter etc and offer a BASIC .TEL FREE in order to generate a CRITICAL MASS of millions of users and Telcos and software developers start to run PHASE 2 AUTOMATED SERVICES.

In the absence of 1), 2) or 3) happening the outlook is not good for the .tel project - let's hope Telnic/Telnames will come up with 1) or 3) very soon !

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Re: The illusion of "critical mass"

Post by NewYorkCity on 2013-05-14, 8:32 pm

Whenever I read comments on this forum, it’s all about pushing Telnic to reactivate work.

During the last two years you should have learned there is no chance for this.

Please accept the fact that nothing will happen in 2013, 2014 or 2015!

Mike's frequently repeated house number of the year 2016 is a realistic date for new events forced by shareholders or ICANN, but it was proven many times that Telnic is not interested in customer opinions.

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Re: The illusion of "critical mass"

Post by Sponsored content

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