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Investment guide for the TLD .tel

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Investment guide for the TLD .tel

Post by TelKing on 2013-05-24, 10:47 am

Current situation:

.tel is the only retarded TLD without any additional features.
Product development is in lockdown for long.
Telnic doesn't do anything since 2011. (Unbelievable, but true!)
The offer from the second Telnic company Telnames looks better, but it's even worse because of lack in flexibility.

Future prospects:

Telnic doesn't communicate at all and the work pace is the slowest in the whole industry.
No influences by other parties exist.
The only chance for improvements are an exchange of Telnic's CEO or the sale of Telnic.

Adjusted strategy:

Nobody should register a .tel for the daily usage, because a .tel doesn't look nice, has no options at all and can't be found on Google.
All domains not being premium domains are necessary to be dropped, because the chances are high that nobody will ever hear anything from .tel.
For speculative reasons premium domains could be kept for one or two decades in the hope someone else will operate this TLD one day.
It's an individual decision, but premium domains could be dropped too, because nobody can know it .tel will ever recover from the deep crisis in which it is.

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