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Advantages and disadvantages of the one-pager from Telnames


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Advantages and disadvantages of the one-pager from Telnames

Post by Sunrise on 2013-06-16, 7:31 am

Telnic has no intention to introduce subdomains for the Telnames offer.
What does it mean and what can be the possible intention for this?


  1. The visitor of a Telname can explore the whole Telname with only a few seconds.
  2. Since all Telnames have the same structure, directory services could implement their data into their websites easily. (But this will become only important after Telnames has sold at least 10 million websites which won’t happen during the next 20 years.)


  1. Visitors will leave a Telname after a few seconds, because no additional information will keep them on the Telname.
  2. Since search engines don’t find much content on a Telname, the SERP ranking will stay always much lower than for other websites. It will be impossible to reach page one on Google for generic keywords.
  3. The most effective SEO instrument (adding text) can’t be used for Telnames.
  4. The Telnames customer can’t add all the information about his service / company that could be important for visitors.
  5. Telnames customers and visitors expect a more comprehensive website, because they usually use mobile websites from plenty of different services which offer more flexibility.
  6. Telnames customers can’t stand out against their competitors, because the only option to integrate individuality is changing the background picture.
  7. A Telname is boring for visitors, because not many things can be explored.
  8. For a small startup like Telnames it will be very difficult to change the habits of internet users who are used to a different internet world.
  9. The Telnames customer has no possibility to arrange a reasonable structure. Instead he has to place all content in one column.
  10. Without the ability to build directories (small or big), only one or two contact people can be displayed on a Telname. What companies will do if they employ more than one contact person for Telnames visitors?

Do you know more advantages or disadvantage or maybe a good reason why Telnames doesn’t offer subdomains which should be a basic application for every website service?

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