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Why Telnames cannot convince SMBs?

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Why Telnames cannot convince SMBs?

Post by Starfighter on 2013-07-02, 7:34 pm

Telnames has been present at many expositions in the UK during the last 12 months.
But why registrations stay low and only so few businesses can get convinced registering a domain at Telnames?

The plus is obvious:
Focus on the more and more important mobile market
No effort, no knowledge and almost no time required
Mobile domain registration and administration

So what is missing?
Domains from Telnames can’t be found anywhere yet
Extreme limitation of content
No free offer as bait for new customers
No competitive sales price
Competitors of Telnames use a smarter strategy (as example does the opposite to Telnames: getting tons of customers for free and selling premium services)

What to do?
Telnames needs to persuade with something extraordinary
What can this be since Telnames has not the slightest interest in a respectable directory or providing subdomains?
And will Telnames ever understand the importance of domainers if trying to sell domains successfully? Is it really good if domainers hate Telnames like now, because not much can be done with it?
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Re: Why Telnames cannot convince SMBs?

Post by GoTel on 2013-07-02, 7:46 pm

Ask yourself one simple question:

1. What does an SMB want ?

The answer is simple, Business/Customers.

2. So what is the benefit of a listing if it doesn't get traffic ?

The answer is again simple, there is no benefit if it doesn't get traffic.

Telnic/Telnames has finally figured this out with their "Telnames Partner Network"

Sadly, here is the disclaimer:

"Whilst we pass all business data to our network partners, ultimately the individual site owners are responsible for publishing your business data on their site. We cannot guarantee your business details, or your .tel web site, will be published on all TPN sites. Also, the TPN service is only currently available to UK based businesses who register their .tel site via"

So, question time again,

3. What good is an old .tel or Telname .tel ultimately ?

And again the answer is simple for most customers, they're no good at all.

Telnic promised a big global directory and people jumped to get great positions in the big global directory that was sure to get traffic and business traffic.

The promise was "kept" with a joke called Telpages, and .tel has virtually died since.

Customers want Business traffic - this is why they spend money for SEO or Ads in Google, listings in Yellow Pages, etc. etc.

Get a clue Telnic/Telnames, a REAL clue, a Telnames directory.


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Re: Why Telnames cannot convince SMBs?

Post by mikeseaton on 2013-07-02, 9:46 pm

@GoTel - I agree !

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Re: Why Telnames cannot convince SMBs?

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