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Telnic template at Telnames

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Telnic template at Telnames

Post by Tely on 2013-07-28, 11:46 am

Technically it's possible:
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Re: Telnic template at Telnames

Post by GoTel on 2013-07-28, 12:37 pm

Anyone and everyone involved in legitimate Telhosting has the ability to use the old .tel templates, including Telnames.

Think of it as simply two levels for Telhosting:

Basic level - old .tel templates available to all Registrars
Advanced level - custom templates by specific Registrar

If Telnames would include the old .tel templates in their offering, they would suffer losses greatly.

It's like if Ferrari starting including Trabant sales.

Hopefully Telnames is just testing some SEO stuff, not seriously considering the destruction of a great offering by including old .tel

If they are serious about growing sales, they simply need the "Ferrari publication", a Telnames Directory.

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