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Success and future of Telnames


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Success and future of Telnames

Post by Sunrise on 2013-07-30, 6:37 am

Registration numbers:

More than 10,000 domains have been registered at Telnames. 
If this number satisfactory? Please compare it with other domain extensions:

How good is the discoverability of a Telname?

This is probably the most important (if not only) criterion for customers!
Is there any Telname that can be found with quality keywords on search engines?
Is there any Telname that can be found somewhere else, where web users look for it (such as a directory)?
If you ever discover a Telname from Telnames anywhere, please let us all know.
(Please use only commonly used keywords for search queries on Google.)

Future development:

Telnames refuses to create a directory or to improve the SEO (subdomains).
How can any improvement be expected?

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Re: Success and future of Telnames

Post by TelBlogger on 2013-07-30, 12:25 pm

I think the only way to find them is when they are put on a .com website as a high-speed low cost contact method. ie. with the telname and a word of explanation that all contact can be made from the .tel by bookmarking the domain in your mobile phone. 

Of course the T-tards have made it useless for businesses with branches and/or size. The telname is useless because the contact details can not be put on sub-domains. T-tards will always find a way to ████ everything up - you can guarantee it every time!

Go T-tards!!!

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