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It's happening time and again with new .Tel registrations...


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It's happening time and again with new .Tel registrations...

Post by mikeseaton on 2013-08-14, 12:51 pm or are being registered day after day - see for the latest ones - in the mistaken belief that these domains will be found prominently on major search engines for the specified Location/Service or Service/Location combination !

NO Subdomains on Telnames to make SEO work, NO Tel Global Directory, so how exactly do the users registering these domains expect this is going to happen ?

I guess most are newbies to website ownership and SEO -  nothing wrong with that of course, we all had to start somewhere - but I just sense a lot of disappointment in the coming year when new business via organic search does not materialise !

So Telnic/Telnames - is there anything you can do to ease the situation and ensure these latest registrants renew their .tels in a year's time ?

Most forum members have a pretty good idea of what's required to keep these new registrants on board - but will you make it happen ?

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