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.Tel & .Com Sister Site concept is working well !


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.Tel & .Com Sister Site concept is working well !

Post by mikeseaton on Fri 16 Aug 2013, 10:01 am

I have set up 12 subdomains - one per country - on http://BoatFinder.tel to feed Free Long-Tail SEO Traffic to the 12 subdomain country sites at my .com site http://www.BoatSearchEngine.com

Checking Google Analytics in recent weeks shows this is working well - additionally http://BoatFinder.tel is generating AdSense revenue on a regular basis.

The secret is to make sure each .tel page is targeting a single subject area and to choose very carefully your Title, Description and Keywords on each .tel subdomain.

Remember search engines give maximum brownie points to an incoming link when the source page subject (of which the Title is probably the most important element) matches very closely the target page subject.

I have huge scope to increase the incoming traffic from the .tel to my .com site http://www.BoatSearchEngine.com by generating further .tel subdomains focusing on Manufacturers names - this is definitely on my "To-Do" list.

So why not give the .tel subdomain linked to .com subdomain (or directory) traffic generation technique a go - if you are looking for a target site I have several Dot Coms for sale under £1,000


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