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Post by silvano on Sun 03 Sep 2017, 8:19 am

Yesterday was raining, and having time to lose at home, I "enjoyed" doing a little research.

Using the Telnames Whois I downloaded about 500 .tel domain names as random as possible.

I then opened the domains, counting how many were developed, how many no, how many parked...

The results:
522   domains in total
31    do not resolve
8      parked
436  Telhosting start pages
35    Telhosting sites
12    "normal" sites

My conclusions:

1) Less than 11% of domains are developed on a website, and I consider "developed site" things like adamo.tel and joah.tel. These are percentages that would be good for some of the new gTLDs, but for a 10 year old extension are miserable.

2) For every person who has decided to develop a "normal" website, there are three people who continue to use Telhosting for their site.

3) Pratically none of the old .tel sites has been updated by their owners after March.

4) Directorio.tel is on sale for 47,598 USD. Good luck to the owner ...  :-)

If anyone is curious, the list of .tel domains I used is here:

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