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Forum feedback



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Forum feedback

Post by Alex on 2012-11-24, 12:54 am

During the last months I have learned to accept that the discussions on this forum seem harsh sometimes, in particular toward Telnic.

But I don't want to prevent any open discussion about .tel and will continue in the way I have set up TelTalk before.

From my observation I dare to say that members here have treated each other always with respect, no disputes between commentators have happened until today and I never had to intervene.

I'm even convinced forum members would treat the staff from Telnic nicely if they are only willing to participate in communication.

So far I only needed to delete some swear words when people have been complaining about missing development for .tel domains.

I'm always happy about feedback which I receive per private message sometimes, e. g.:
Love the Forum, you've done us all a big favor!

Using the old one was just like walking on eggshells, one wrong word and it could be game over.
This Forum is 'Amazing' Well done Alex! its more appreciated than you might ever think!
I would be also happy if you give this feedback in public, e. g. in this topic (doesn't matter if it's positive or negative).

I want to stimulate an unlimited exchange of opinions and free speech, so no censorship will happen here.

I also expect an increase of positive comments when .tel domains will improve more and more during the upcoming years.

Especially YOU can help with this a lot by writing about good experiences with .tel domains!

Let's work together to spread out the news about .tel into the world!

Thank you for participation!


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