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Are Telnic and Telnames the same company?

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Are Telnic and Telnames the same company?

Post by Telminator on 2012-12-01, 3:21 am

Telnic and Telnames have the same:
Postal address
Customer service: and

What's the difference between Telnic and Telnames?
Different distribution channels (Telnic: registrars / Telnames: website
Different targeted customers (Telnic: domain industry / Telnames: small businesses)
Different product features (Telnic: sub domains / Telnames: background pictures)
Development only at Telnames
Marketing only at Telnames
Reduction of communication at Telnic to a minimum

The reasons for the existence of 2 companies:
Telnic is not allowed to sell domains directly to registrants.
With Telnames they don't have to share the registration fees with the registrars.
Telnic has stopped the development for registrars and develops only for their own customers at Telnames.

Telnic could have realized the product from Telnames including all features for all customers, but the strategic decision is only in favor for Telnames.

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