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videos and hosting

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videos and hosting

Post by supercyberheroes on 2012-12-12, 6:27 pm

I just posted it at telnic but I would like to share it at here as well.

to everyone, some people know than soon I will release my business and trust me I have been working hard doing my home work. Please finish to read this post before you click on any link.
About video: last week I asked to aled if I can use telnic videos, the answer was yes, well this is the news.
you can make 1 video HD for free with over thousands of licensed music track that you can use without copyright break, with a British company here: . You also can make millions of videos for free with licensed music track, but videos must no be longer than 30 seconds - USA company here:
Ok, right you made a nice and beautiful video(s) and posted it on youtube or vimeo etc, you can see how many people have clicked on it, but nothing else.
Here is the other solution, there is an USA company that you can host 3 videos for free for ever, with all features included analytic: who is watching you video now, from where, which phone etc, etc the company is: see the analytic information here:

So, guys makes 3 nice and powerful videos and host them for free for ever at with all features included video analytic, in fact lets go to choose between us who make the best video, and we can vote as well, I will try hard to release my video by January.
Kind regards.


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Re: videos and hosting

Post by Alex on 2012-12-13, 2:40 am

Thank you for this great idea!

As soon some videos would be available, I would like to publish them on our TelTalk blog!

Perhaps we could even create a competition out of this.


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